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O Traveler ; The way that you have chosen for this journey is a way that  has no end.


It conveys you to yourself. Beginning with yourself, when you go into yourself, a way that you open with your each step.

Just like wallking in the intensive snowstorm, in the wide meadow that is covered with the snow.


Your eyeshot is zero, there is only your step and the moment you took your step. Because, Journey along the time can only be possible with living at the moment. In this journey, only your simplest instincts and most improved feelings accompany you. You may go over old tracks or you may create your own way because the storm covered them or snowstorm obstructs your view or just because you have chosen that way.


That’s why, there is not one way, there are many ways.


"Either i will find a way or will create a way." That is a phrase of a traveler who may be you in an another  life, is very appropriate for defining that moment. 


The basic principle in this journey is to provide integrity of spirit, body and the mind.


Continiously, not wasting your energy in vain at a point between the life and death, to reach mental quietness and to have a control over your own body is a must.


Here, any traveler is not better or worse than the other. Just different.


You use everything you learn in this journey for struggle with yourself. The most difficult barrier that you will pass, is you the most negatif part, that means the violence in yourself. You should know that the pieces that will form this way is made up from love.


Here, we can only show the travelers the gate of awareness.


To pass through this gate, to go on that way, to know himself is up to the traveler.     










"The ones who give more importance to the permanent values, they do not give harm to each other and also to their life because of temporary values.

They constantly keep their conscious aware that they are still a traveler. ‘’

A young man, searching for truth, while traveling with this aim, visits a wise person.

The only room that this wise person lives is full of books.

The young man asks with surprise;
"Where are your other furnitures?"

Wise person;
"Where are yours?" asks the same question to the young man.

With a little bit surprise, the young man replies him;


"But I am a traveler"

Upon this, the wise person says;


"Me, too !!, Me, too !!"



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